About Me

My name is Edith Campbell.  I have four children, three boys and one girl.  I moved to Michigan from North Carolina many years ago because my sister was here. 

I am unemployed and I stay at home caring for my handicapped daughter.  I was the secretary for a Christian school for about 20 years until it closed.  God has taken me into a total different direction during this past year.  Besides caring for Sharon, I am teaching “craft-booking” classes at my home.  I enjoy designing gift items for all occasions and making cards.  One thing I always tell my classes is “there is no reason you can’t give a gift when the occasion calls for it”.  I do a lot of using recycled items and items from the Dollar Tree or dollar sections of various stores.  I do not recommend any one store but will recommend places where you can get the best prices on items you need. 

Anyone is welcome to come and take my classes.  I usually prefer to teach only 6 people at one time so I can help when needed.

I would like to invite you to browse the rest of my website to see some of the items I have made and designed.

CRAFT Booking by Edith Campbell
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